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Ed Bain Publications: Libraries Yellow Cheese Reviews
New Novel by Ed Bain NY Jockey-Trainer Report S Cal Jockey-Trainer Report NY + S Cal Jockey-Trainer Report

Libraries Yellow Cheese Sand 38880

Jockey-Trainer NY

Jockey-Trainer S Cal

NY + S Cal Jockey-Trainer Report

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Gulfstream Jockey-Trainer Report Parx Jockey-Trainer Report Tampa Jockey-Trainer Report Laurel Jockey-Trainer Report

Jockey-Trainer GP

Jockey-Trainer PARX

Jockey-Trainer TAM

Jockey- Trainer LRL

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Monmouth Jockey-Trainer Kentucky Jockey-Trainer Woodbine Jockey-Trainer Woodbine Jockey-Trainer ships to CANADA

Jockey-Trainer Monmouth

Jockey-Trainer Kentucky

Jockey-Trainer Woodbine

Jockey-Trainer Woodbine CAN

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Handicapping Publications:
Mark Cramer Mark Cramer Susan Sweeney Bain Ed Bain

Handicapping On The Road

Kinky Handicapping



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What They're Saying About Ed Bain's New Horse Racing Novel
Kitty Kladstrup reviewed Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines — 5 star

I have just finished Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines by Ed Bain, and this was my second time through the book since I recently acquired it. The first time proved an enjoyable journey through a “stream-of-consciousness” narrative that I couldn’t put down—good story and addictive personal story-telling. The author states in the front matter that this is a work of “fiction.” Well, maybe. But all good fiction draws from life, and my wager is that this fiction is close to Ed’s real deal, and so much the better. Great stuff!

I knew as I read that a lot of interesting handicapping information was flowing by like a river—thus the immediate “second reading.” I took a yellow highlighter and had a grand time. Anyone who loves racing, handicapping, or an angle on how to “do well” NEEDS to read this book. Ed is kind enough to give us a great story, AND the insider information on his system…one that uses his specific talents and genius to grand effect. This book belongs in any library of racing and wagering, and be sure to read it at least TWICE! Looking forward to ordering/subscribing to and reading his other offerings, especially those that pertain to Southern California. Thanks for sharing your story and your talents, Ed!

Bill Mentes Best book I've read since "Kinky Handicapping!" September 13 at 1:20pm

Donald Altemose an orderly and eclectic look at life and horse racing. Recommend highly October 21 at 3:31am

Saari Sedillo reviewed Libraries, Yellow Cheese Sandwiches and 38,880 Running Lines — 5 star October 20 at 9:44am · 
 Very compelling book I couldn't put it down I read the entire book in 2 days
Mark Cramer I hope this book circulates beyond the usual hard-core horseplayers because it contains many hard-learned lessons from an incredibly fractured childhood and adolescence, a troubled but regenerating tour in the marines, and the ghosts of the past that haunt him as he tries to reconstruct his adult life, relying on numbers and facts to ward off the irrational life that envelopes him. October 21 at 5:44am

 Charles Bedard · Very readable book. Finished it quickly and enjoyed it immensely.

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